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Tramontina Rectangular Serving Board (49x31x1.8CM)
Tramontina Rectangular Serving Board (49x31x1.8CM)

Tramontina Rectangular Serving Board (49x31x1.8CM)

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Tramontina has prepared a complete line of products with all practicality, beauty, and quality to make a great Brazilian style wood board.

•Teca/Teak Wood comes from a large deciduous tree up to 40 m tall with gray to grayish brown branches, known for its high-quality wood. The wood texture is hard and ring-porous. Heartwood is yellowish in color. Eventually, the wood color can turns darker. 

•This finish provides a protective layer in clear varnish, enhancing tonality and giving the product shine and smoother feel

•Dimension: 49x31x1.8CM

•1-year warranty against manufacturing imperfections or defects

Safe use: 
Before using it for the first time, wash the product and rinse thoroughly
After each use, wash the product as usual with a soft sponge, soap, and detergent. Dry with a cloth
Store in a well-ventilated place (avoid drawers and cupboards)
Do not clean in the dishwasher or with steel wool pads
Do not immerse in water
Do not leave to dry in the sun or by the sink
Do not stack items when they are wet
Do not put the product in the oven or in the fridge